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Amanda's Journey Foundation: Guestbook

Mike Silvia

February 22, 2013


i miss her and i love her. her best friend i forever have. i be in wildwood School.

love Mike Silvia

Hannah Humphris

June 25, 2012

I met Amanda's amazing mom at the UMDF conference recently. Amanda and her mom both inspire me so much to keep fighting and keep going on, no matter what. I am blessed to have found out about Amanda and her foundation. F.R.O.G :)

Amanda Angel

June 17, 2012

"We're the lucky ones." - August 15, 2008
This was the day and year my husband and I got married, this made me cry when i read it because in my eyes and for me this had me think, We together are the lucky ones to have our daughter, Lexi brought into our lives! She also is fighting MITO, i met Jackie at the Mitochondrial Medicine 2012-Capitol Hill at the stand she had there I purchased Amanda's book and it is very moving and inspirational! Have been reading it and thinking about your family often and believe now, i always will!

Mary Beth Conti

February 10, 2012

I am at a loss for the right words to describe what an incredible blessing Amanda & her book is to me. My grandson, Xavier,is almost 5yrs old & battling mito. This book has helped me in sooo many ways. This world is a better place to have had your Amanda in it. She is the definition of love, life, hope, joy, strength, determination, courage, perseverance, WISDOM, & so much more that i'm failing to mention due to my overwhelmance (is that even a word?!)at the mere thought of her. Thank you for sharing your Amanda with me. Please pray for Xavier as he fights this battle that no child should ever have to fight. Thank you & may our good Lord bless you & keep you. B+ F.R.O.G.

Thorel Mead

February 4, 2012

WOW, where do I start! I finished reading "Amazing Amanda..My journey through Mito" and all I want to do is HUG each and every one of you!! Here it is 2012 and Amanda went to be with the Lord in November of 2008 and she is still inspiring others. I wish I could have know her in person! Just reading her and her families word, has changed me, my out look on life, to live with B+ attitude and F.R.O.G. and her amazing lessons! How wonderful it must feel to know that Amanda got so much love and support in her short time on earth that many to get in a lifetime!

(PS. Our Girl scout troop collected enough items to fill 31 bags to donate to AMC for the children)

(PSS. Is Amanda's book on Abby published that she talked about (I'm searching for it)


Thorel Mead

January 16, 2012

Our Girl Scout troop is learning about this disease because there is a girl at school that has it. Amanda's book is amazing and really can help someone relate to someone who is going through this. Thank you for publishing and allowing Amanda to continue to help others.

Lori Whitehouse

September 24, 2011

I've been going thru some tough trials and my husband and I decided today to go for a "walk" at the park and came upon the fundraiser for Amanda. I did not know who Amanda was. But, as we walked around the pond, I came upon one of the signs of her journal that read "I found out that God always answers, He always puts you on that road you're supposed to be on. He will never put you on a road that has...obstacles that you can't handle". I stopped dead in my tracks and was immediately touched by the spirit of God and I began to cry right there on the path! It is clear to me that in her weakness, His strength prevailed and in her death, His light still shines! I am inspired by this young, courageous girl. Thank you so much for "sharing" her. God used her to speak to me!

Jenny Van-Strahlen

August 22, 2011

This is amazing! I am going to purchase Amanda's book for a friend of mine.
I wanted to let you know that there are lots of us all ove rthe country who are raising money for awareness, research and ultimately a cure!
I am part of a group for Team Saving Savannah here in Charlotte,NC! We are working hard to raise awareness and funds!
I wanted to share this link:!/media/set/?set=a.242750019071581.72940.118859238127327
It is a photo gallery called Faces of Mito.
Thank you for sharing Amanda's story!

Richard Kennedy

July 18, 2011

I hope Dorthy Notz is doing well after her surgery this month. Email this to her and have her email me back. Thanks so much Rick!

Cathy Widas

September 17, 2010

Hi Jackie and Louis, This website is amazing as are the two of you. I was waiting to see when the book came out to get a copy. It was great for me to see all the photos of the girl I never got to meet and the fight she fought so bravely. You must be very proud of her and Carolyn....May God continue to bless your family and find you peace.....Cathy

Valerie and Tom

September 15, 2010

The new site is just so amazing, Jacki and Louis--you all have done such an INCREDIBLE job!! It is so imformative on so many levels and tells Amanda's story in such a personal way. We miss Amanda...and she truly shines through here.

Corri G.

September 9, 2010

Hi Jackie and family, I've been missing Amanda (even though I never met her) and thinking about her as we continue on the journey with Rina, Amanda's mito friend in Phila. I have also been thinking about your family and how you are. I saw the video of Jackie on the site. I will be ordering the book you made of her entries. I hope you are doing OK. BTW, Rina now has a little dog named Diego and I'll start working with him so he can visit Rina in the hospital. You probably know Rina has a B+ attitude and I and many others are learning from her everyday. Thinking of you, thank you for this website and the foundation. Corri Gottesman

Kathy Fitzpatrick

September 4, 2010

The new web site is awesome! You all have done a great job of continuing Amanda's mission. So inspiring!

Mary Doherty

September 2, 2010

Your daughter has taught so many in my circle of friends and family about mitochondrial disease and how to support us in our fight. Your family is amazing and I am so glad to have Amanda's book to feel more like we met her.
Keep up the excellent work

Michele Borst

September 1, 2010

New website is awesome!! Great job everyone!! B+ & F.R.O.G :)

Cathy LaFond-Evans

August 31, 2010

Jackie and Louis, updates to the site are awesome! You're a very important grass roots part of the local mito community. Letting go of our sweet, precious, angels is the hardest thing a parent can ever do. Our children began missions that we must now continue on their behalf, as they would want us to do. This website is an extension of your overwhelming love and dedication to Amanda and her journey!

Amy Hamilton

August 31, 2010

So excited to see this updated version of the site. It's so great. Amanda would be proud!!!!!

Kayt Marra

August 31, 2010

What a great new web page with Amanda right at the top! She was a wise angel - knowledge is power.

Maureen McGuinness Russo

August 31, 2010

This site is AMAZING! Great job!

Eileen Phelps

August 31, 2010

Wow! Great job on the new website. I am very impressed and I love the pictures of young Amanda and Carolyn, they are just beautiful.

Kristan Russell

August 31, 2010


Denise Boniface

August 31, 2010

Nice Job on this website! What a great tribute for Amanda and great way to get out info about MITO and all events taking place. Love the audio portion and all the pictures of course!

Wendy Bauer

August 31, 2010

I followed Amanda's story for couple of years before she died. My son is a fighter, fighting this mito disease, it is harder on me than it is him. to see the day to day struggles, Amanda messages gets me through alot of days.

Jacqueline Perrotta

August 31, 2010

I don't even know what to say!!I sat and cried,sad tears ,but happy too!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL,WONDERFUL site!!!Manda would be so happy and proud of everyone's hard work!!!With out you all on the board and apart of Amanda's Journey committee,we could not accomplish her goals and dreams,that she counted on us to finish for her!!!Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,and with all our love!!!Louis,Jacki and Carolyn Rose,and Abby too!!(Amanda's Family)