Amanda Mary Francis Perrotta - (1/10/92 - 11/12/08)


Amanda was loved and admired by so many because...

She lived her life with a joyful heart.
She faced her challenges with strength and determination.
She always had goals and worked toward them, no matter what the odds.
She thought of others before herself.
She loved to laugh, and loved to share laughter with others.
She loved children, and was kind to all animals (Even ants. Just ask her mother!)
And most importantly...she believed in God and trusted Him with all her heart.

If you ever say to yourself, "I'm just one person, what can I do?", think of a teenage girl with Mitochrondrial Disease who changed the lives of people she never met...

...then B+, and F.R.O.G.!

Jacqueline Perrotta - President, A.J.F.


Jacqueline Perrotta, devoted mother of Carolyn and Amanda, works tirelessly to raise awareness of Mitochondrial Diseases, and advocates for children and families dealing with it's devastating effects. Jacki is currently employed by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany.

Jacki is the Capital Region (NY) representitive of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation . She is available to speak to your organization about Mito. Please visit our "Contact" page to request  information about available dates.


Louis Perrotta - Vice President, A.J.F.


Amanda simply called him "Superman". The proud dad of Carolyn and Amanda works for the family bakery in Rensselaer County, NY. Louis enjoys gardening and shares Amanda's fondness for animals. 

Diane Joyal - Volunteer, A.J.F.


Diane Kunz currently teaches for Shenenehowa Central Schools in Clifton Park, NY. She was Amanda's teacher at Wildwood School, and has been forever touched by the courage and determination that Amanda exemplified.

Abby - Official Mascot, A.J.F.


Don't let the disguise fool you!

Abby the Cairn Terrier (Amanda's best four-legged friend), is a fully trained and certified Service Dog. Amanda took great pride in the fact that she had a major role in Abby's training and eventual certification. 

When she isn't chasing birds in the Perrotta's yard, Abby appears at select Amanda's Journey events.

Sonya McMillen - Treasurer, A.J.F