"Amazing Amanda, My Journey Through Mito"

Amanda's amazing life, in her own words.

Dr. Darius Adams (Assistant Professor and Clinical & Biochemical Geneticist, Albany Medical Center) calls "Amazing Amanda: My Journey Through Mito" "the touching account of a young girl struggling with a chronic illness and her courage, determination, and love of life every step of the way."


"Amazing Amanda: My Journey Through Mito" is essentially a book in three parts. The first section is comprised of her online journal entries at the website www.caringbridge.org .

The second section includes entries from her personal, hand-written journals, and the final section (called Tributes and Rembrances) gives a hint at the tremedous effect her writings had on children and adults across the U.S. and around the world.

Because she wrote with honesty and emotion, because she lived her life with strength, faith, humor, and determination, Amanda Perrotta is still changing lives for the better.

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MitoMonChild.jpg Faces from a family affected by Mito.

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