From the recording "Funny, positive, and sweet."

"Hi, my name is Emily Thompson from Indiana. My friend Amanda was so special to me and all those she encountered; funny, positive and sweet. We had many things in common, but living with Mitochondrial Disease was what brought us together.I never got to meet her in person because she lived so far away,but after I met her online a few years ago, we e-mailed and talked on the phone, and chatted on instant messenger. She was always doing nice things for other kids who were sick, and cheering them up with her messages. She taught others how to live with a chronic illness in a positive way.Thanks to all who continue her legacy. B+ & F.R.O.G.! (Be positive, and forever rely on God.)"Amanda's online friend Emily Thompson captures the essence of Amanda Perotta in just a few lines, and shows how she helped so many others.